Block youtube facebook by windows DNS Server


I am here to help you how to block youtube facebook or any website in company or in home when you do not have UTM firewall or Paid web filter based software. mostly internet modem comes with block feature but sometime does not work . so lets start step by step to enable this feature.

  1. first you need to install DNS server in any windows machine.
  2. create new zone – select primary zone – forward lookup zone- zone name(
  1. now right click the zone you have created then create new host A record


  1. in the name enter www only and IP put


  1. so you have successfully created new host with name

now facebook or youtube or any website for which you have created zone no more accessible.

after you have completed above task. do not forget to add DNS IP address of oyur server in your dhcp enabled device which is working as DHCP server.  also enable forwarding


in dns server to forward any request to your ISP modem or router

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