Etherium is reducing its energy footprint

The cryptocurrency will cut back its energy use by 99 percent.

Etharium,The cryptocurrency marks one of the best after the Bitcoin.
The consumption of energy to mine Bitcoin is around 46.73 TWh. Etherium mining consumes a quarter times Energy as Bitcoin does but it is still equals to the electricity consumption of Iceland.
A typical Etharium transaction takes as much as an average U.S. households consumes in a day.
Vitalik Buterin, the 24-year-old Russian-Canadian computer scientist who invented Ethereum when he was just 18. He plans to finally start undoing his brainchild’s energy waste in 2019 keeping wasting of Energy resources in mind. Buterin finally hopes to demonstrate the blockchain platform,s low power format in 2019.
Cheers to enviroment lovers. 

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